Thursday, December 30, 2010

Butterscotch Bust!

I was slightly disappointed that nothing about my outfit was vintage, but that was quickly overruled because I felt so girly and actually pretty on a gloomy winter day!  I love the color of these boots, I finally got some maroon tights, the dress was comfortable, and I loved my accessories!  The bummer of the day was that my hand got cold and my awesomely decadent ring came flying off my finger and busted all over the floor... hopefully the hot glue gun can do some repairing... You would think considering the bigass Johnny Rocket's cheeseburger would put so much sodium in my system that my rings would never fly off.
But here is my last outfit post of the year!!!!  I think it's a good one... enjoy... be inspired... whatever works!
everyone should have butterscotch boots

Accessories and makeup!


My faithful wonderful photog!!! (making fun of me I think)

my ring before it died... and my manicure! i like doing it this way now!
What I wore:
F21 dress, coat, tights, socks, accessories, hat. Longchamp bag. H&M scarf!

Queen VII 


  1. I love the colors in this look. THey make me remember how important color is even in winter. This look is really wonderful. I love the accessories as well. Those boots, well they are amazing!

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