Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hippos, Star, Loafers

I am having a really hard time getting to my school work because I have blogging on the mind!  Kinda ridiculous, but I am committed... just want you to know!
I have actually had some fun the last day or two!  Went to Ikea (which is ALWAYS fun in my book) and had fun playing with Aveline... went shopping on base for some cute baby stuff for my friend Octavia!  She is having a little girl!!!  I love girlie stuff...
Today I went thrifting and planned my outfit accordingly.  When going thrifting you don't wanna be overly dressed.  I pretty much try everything on over my clothes so I try not to wear anything bulky or buckled up... jeans and t-shirt it was... Loafers to easily slip in and out of, and messy up-do that can easily re-done!
Our special guest photographer today was Aveline!!  My 3 year old has skills, I'll tell ya!
photo by my 3 year old!

ready to thrift!

I told her to get my shoes in the pic

I felt weird about the socks but i love them!

current makeup trend. gold and beige shadow with black liner.

Messy top knot, bangs pinned with bows! (that is snow on my hair btw!)
I think Aveline did a good job! ;-)
What is your favorite Christmas song?!  Avii's and mine this year is "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".  The Shirley Temple version.  Look what we found at Ikea?!>!
Avii watching Pippi Lanstrumpft, eating an ice cream cone, huggin her Hippo.
Thrifting was not as successful as I would have hoped... I missed out on the $4 bag sale!  But I scored something particularly funny...  Does anyone read Danielle Steele?  One of my favorite stories of hers is "Star".
I found the "made for tv" movie version! Starring Jennie Garth!
It was a good day!
Alright... onto classwork so I can have a better day tomorrow!

Queen VII

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  1. hi, I am so happy to find finally another mom! like your blog also, so i follow you to. Your daughter is so pretty xxx


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