Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet Marla

Who are your style icons?  Fictional or for real?  I have many... my mums (always with amazing shoes and bags and jackets), my grandmother (her love for all things sparkly!), Audrey Kitching (for being so incredibly individual), some bloggers... like Calivintage, The Styling Dutchman and Orchid Grey are some of my absolute favorites!... but I read lots of blogs almost every day and am constantly inspired and get new ideas!
A secret infatuation and style icon of mine is Marla Singer, from "Fight Club."
I love the shag coat and sunglasses!

I have always loved her character and I could image that thrifting with her would be a disastrous and amazing time!  She is clever and coarse and super sexy in a sort of decrepit way.  I used to give the name "Marla" at starbucks all the time.  If I am shopping and see something that makes me think "Marla would wear this" I 95% of the time will buy it!
When I found this fur coat, that is what I thought.

pockets! yay!

not cold AT ALL

I styled it very un-Marla like, but the fact that a little bit of her is present just makes me feel that much cooler.  I was meant to have this coat.  I found it at the Airmen's Attic for FREE, freshly cleaned, still in plastic.  It has dress-coat length sleeves so I added the long gloves.  I love that it is monogrammed M.M.N.
And on the fur topic.  It is vintage.  And in Europe, PETA is not going around flour bombing people's beautiful coats.  Leather, fur, and wool is sort of a staple in the freezing weather!  Siberians and Eskimos did not wear Northface!! 
I loved the stripey sweater.  I have had it for many years, from my skinny days... It's kind of short and I wont wear it anymore, but pairs with the high waist skirt I am good to go!
What I wore:
Vintage mink; American Rag sweater; F21 skirt and stockings; long socks from ebay; boots bought in Kaiserslautern; Louis Vuitton bag.

Who are your fashion icons?

Queen VII 

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