Thursday, December 30, 2010

More of the same...

I feel like I should write the obligatory New Years Eve blog now... But I want to go about it a different way.  The thing about blogging is that you have an awesome way of journaling and cataloging your life with photos and words.  It kind of makes you feel more accountable for what you say and what you follow through with in your life.  I have 2010's New Years resolutions open on my screen and basically I kept none of those resolutions, but not to my distress (except for the weight loss one... I actually gained a few pounds).  I think I want to recap the awesomeness of my life this past year!

I learned to make Sushi! Bought a bbq! Drank more than I probably should have. Ate my weight in macaroons.

Traveled:  Experienced the amazing art and culture of The Hague, the blueness of Delft, revisited Metz, went to the chocolate factory museum in Koln, Munich (Legoland, BMW Welt), the lengendary Burg Eltz, fairytale Cochem, went back to Rudesheim and Strasbourg, Rothenberg o.d. Tauber was beautiful and interesting beyond compare, visited Paris for the last time, made it to Dublin finally, saw the sparkle of Antwerp.

I FINALLY  got my amazing camera and have been enjoying learning and playing with it.  It has been wonderful to capture photos of life and experiences in a way that I never could before.  I really hope that I can continue to learn and some day be able to have people to pay me to take their pictures!

I re-enrolled in school and am almost nearly on my way to finishing up my bachelor's degree!  I still have no idea what I truly want to do with my life, but I am getting there...

We enrolled Aveline in Tap/Ballet Class... and she honestly doesn't love it as much as I hoped she would, but she is getting so good and is so cute doing it!

I feel closer to my husband than ever before.

I have read some awesome books and seen some awesome shows and movies.

Thanks to my husband, we have become debt-free.

I have stayed in contact with my friends!  And maintained the awesome friendships I have here in Germany, and made some new ones too.

My brother got married and I was able to be there!!!!

I was able to go back to California twice! My mum was able to visit me twice this year!

I shopped too much.  Exercised too little. Drank many new teas.  Explored my surroundings even more!

I did not fill in my "daily journal" like I originally planned, but I did blog my little heart out!  I changed formats (move to blogger), added my info to Chictopia, got onto Bloglovin and discovered so many other amazing blogs to read.  I really love doing this and I love the blogging community.  I hope to continue doing this and expand on what I read and I hope to get more readers...
Fashion has been awesome this last year... I think my style is constantly evolving and blogging and posting outfits has been so much fun!  I love that I have such a simple way to try to be creative and I think I NEED to be creative!  I hope to eventually set up a pop-up shop or an online shop of clothes and vintage stuff for my readers and friends... and to do more DIY and cooking projects... organize my blog a little bit better as well.  Those are my goals for this blog for the next year! 

This next year there are going to be sooooo many changes... we are moving back to the United States.  I am going to be really invested in school.  Aveline is going to turn 4!  I can't wait for everything to happen.  I can't wait to take more pictures, travel to more places, cook more food, spend more time with friends and family.

So I don't think I am going to be making any solid new years resolutions.  I love Hugh Hefner's resolution...
"More of the same"

I could definitely have more of the same of this for a long time!!!!
xoxo.... Happy New Year!  may you all have more of all the good stuff in your life!!!

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