Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Staple

I have so much to do and so little time!  The new year is gonna finish with a bang!  I kinda wanna do something special for my wonderful husband because tomorrow is technically the last day we will spend together this year.  As a firefighter he works 24 hour shifts and is working the 31st... Avii will have to give me midnight kisses!
But I am still hosting a champagne and hor deurve party because we will be by the castle!  I am excited for it.  Our last NYE in Germany!  Onto new things in 2011!
So I got shopping and cleaning and organizing to do, and I just scheduled in a little photo-shoot session the morning of the 31st!  Hopefully it all turns out well...
Outfit post from what I wore the other day!  Some Christmas stuff... and I will probably vary a version of this outfit often!  New coat, new "riding" pants... love the look!

I love the lacing on the boots. Definitely not warm though.

What I wore:
Coat, pants from F21.  Boots and top from downtown shops.  H&M hat.  Accessories from my mums.  Balenciaga bag.

Back to cleaning and making lists for the store!!!!
Queen VII


  1. that coat is very pretty x

  2. I really love your hat!!!


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