Monday, December 27, 2010

Spoiled or Spoilt

I admit freely to living a very spoiled life.  My parents have spoiled me.  My husband spoils me.  My friends as well.  I try my hardest to deserve it though.  I really do.
Christmas was amazing and again I got a lot of wonderful things... (many new outfits to blog about)... but it was more fun to give gifts than to receive.  I love presents... giving or getting.
From now on though, things are going to be a bit more frugal around here.  We just paid off about 98% of my student loans, which I am super grateful for and it is a HUGE load off... but now we get to start saving all over again...  I have been used to leading the life of swiping my card and never worrying about being denied... ignorance is bliss I suppose... Just knowing the money is there... how spoiled am I?
Now I know figures...
But I do have some changes... some plans formulating...
Plans that affect the wardrobe and lifestyle even...
Details later...
For now, outfit of the day... actually yesterday... New Christmas Stockings!!!!! woohoo.  With the Christmas present Longchamp from my mums.  New hat, new rings!  Very comfy and happy and sparkly!

What I wore:
F21 Hat, accessories, stockings.  Secondhand sweater.  Boots no-name from downtown.  Longchamp bag.

What did you get for Christmas?!

Queen VII 

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  1. I love that pullover and stockings x


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