Saturday, January 8, 2011

Coco Richards

I think this is my new alias… Coco Richards… kinda a play on two idols of mine… Coco Chanel (obviously) and Terry Richards (I am fascinated by his rawness with photography).

This is the new me... "Francesca" has gone on vacation for a while. Here's the new hair styled my own way… the hair is still something to get used to, but i love it. I am definitely still feeling a bit self concious about it though.  I feel like I am more trendy/stylish/etc... but I also feel like I am making a place for myself among the men repellers... the most stylish women often are!  Check out The Man Repeller's blog!  She is really funny and proves a lot of good points when it comes to style and fashion and the way "normal" guys and people may wonder and stare.  If you dress interesting, you get stares... I have been dealing with it my whole life pretty much.  Check out her blog though, if you haven't already!

It has suddenly gotten a lot warmer out here in Germany so I took advantage and busted out the blazer (my fave!)!!! I added lots of chanel-esque accessories and my Parisienne scarf (my fave!) with the Moschino bag. It was definitely an errands-running outfit.

my fave silky scarf!

me a la T.R. style photo

I have cupcakes to make, a house to tidy up and some classwork to do before getting my things ready for a photoshoot tomorrow!  Finally I am getting some girls to model for me!  I am uber stoked!  Wish me luck! I have no idea what I am going for yet...

Queen VII

What I wore:
Vintage blazer. Moschino bag. Scarf from Paris. Ugg boots. Jean leggings.


  1. Love the new do. I find it very stylish and different =)

  2. your outfit is so pretty and I like that scarf x


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