Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hair Change

I have a hair appointment on the 5th and seeing it is a whole new year, I am thinking of being a lil crazier than normal and going to try to make a change to the do...
My hair has been through a lot lately and I think I need to give it a break on the bleaching and crazy colors... I am leaning towards the "lob" - the long bob... with bangs.  I have been rocking lots of layers for so long... and my hair is not as curly as it once was... I need something low maintenence,,,  something that will still make me feel sexy (longer hair is usually the sexier choice, though)... something that works with my sort of bedhead curl.

So here it goes:
Pros to getting the LOB:  healthier hair.  much more different look.  the chance to rock a totally different style.
Cons to getting the LOB:  my hair takes FOREVER to grow out.  Long hair is sexier I think. I think my husband likes it better.

I will not be getting the lob if it requires lots of trims... I don't have the money for that kind of upkeep... I don't know... will it work for me?  Will I have to take out my nose ring?  Should I be brave?  It's been easier for me to be brave with colors... this is different....

PLEASE... opinions?!

Queen VII


  1. Chop it! You can always tease it and do that disheveled look so it looks like sex hair. And your nose ring would look perfect with it!

  2. well I am curious to see the result x

  3. I always love mid-length styles. They are easy and you can change them so many ways. I say, go for it!


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