Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year New Do New Plans

I am feeling refreshed and re-inspired...
There is a lot going on and coming up this year! 2011 is gonna be awesome!!!  First off... got the new cut!  I think it looks pretty awesome.  Here are some pics fresh from the salon.

I want to mess with it and style it up myself!  I have never had a haircut remotely like this!  New... exciting... so on and so forth.

I also just spent about an hour in my closet styling up some "new" outfits...  I feel like I haven't been really creative and I have so much good stuff I haven't really worn or styled worthy of turning into an outfit post.  I love clothes and fashion SO MUCH.  I am so blessed to have the wardrobe that I do (i would like my husband and my parents for being such generous contributers to my wardrobe).  We are in major saving mode, so I will be doing some "shopping" and styling from my closet, and honestly, I am okay with that. 

It's ok to not be greedy.  It's okay not to just shop for the sake of shopping.  I think I was a major shopaholic last year... seriously... it's been an issue.  I need to make do with what I have and try not to spend money for a while.  I would shop when I was bored or kind of lonely or wanting to be creative...
I have read some blogs and articles recently and I am trying to change my shopping philosophy... buy things that are essential, classic, and that will build up my wardrobe... instead of just buying things that are simply cute or trendy and that will clutter up my wardrobe.  Buy items that fit and are comfortable and well made for the price.  For all the money that I have spent buying cheap, trendy things that I wear once, or buy just because it's on sale for the sake of buying something... I could have bought something amazing and stylish and classic!

I have been going through every drawer, shelf and schrank that I have and have been taking out things that I don't wear. don't use. don't fit.  and I have been neatly putting it in another room.  It is there to ponder on, add to, take back and put into rotation.  I will go more in depth in another post about what my closets look like now, what I kept and why I kept it.
I am going to call it my mission To Be Chic.
clothes, jackets, shoes, belts, necklaces


More bags and lots of tops
This is just the beginning.  I have boxes I still need to go through...  Some of it I might try to sell. Some will get donated.  Some might get trashed. 
The appalling and awesome thing is realizing how much stuff I still have left over after going through everything.  I could probably downsize some more, but we'll see.

Expect more from me!  Think of it as budget styling... and wish me luck on the no-spending-on-clothes issue!  I haven't bought anything to wear since before Christmas... that has to be some kind of record for me or something! lol!

Queen VII


  1. love your flats with your bleu shirt ! very pretty x

  2. Your new hair cut looks gorgeous!! I love blunt-cut fringe, and it looks especially good because your hair is so dark. It's a very edgy look!!

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion


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