Friday, January 28, 2011


I got all dressed up to go and check the mail!  Do you ever put on an outfit and then go nowhere and basically feel like it's a waste?  That was this outfit... the only thing that makes it less of a waste is that I get to post it here!  And feel good about myself and that's always a plus... nothing like having an uneventful day but feeling cute anyways!
I also got to try out my new Chinese Laundry boots and they are as perfect as I hoped!  Super chic and comfortable... you'll probably see a lot of these guys!  It was really very very cold outside so I layered some fun stockings under my pants.  I think I might get these pants tailored a little bit... taper them a little because they fit really nice, but the leg opening is a bit wide... should I do it or leave them loose?

Also took some cutie pics of my loves...

Even though life has been pretty mellow and uneventful, honestly I could not complain because I have these 2 amazing wonderful loves in my life!

What I wore:
Hat, coat and accessories from F21.  Stockings and Chinese Laundry boots from the BX.  Pants, thrifted.  Longchamp bag c/o my mums!

Queen VII


  1. your daughter is such a cuty!!!! i love your shoes and coat, very pretty.
    In Belgium it's cold as well, i am tired, i want sun!! x

  2. I loved this, great!!
    Fantastic post!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE


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