Saturday, January 22, 2011

Peek into my little fashion maison!

I have been hoping to do a post like this for a while... I've had a few people that have been curious about what my closet looks like and how my wardrobe is arranged.  I have done a lot of culling and cleaning and I think it all looks pretty good right now.  I am also coming to terms that I may never have a closet this big again, nor the awesome amount of little drawers and cupboards that are in this strange European apartment... so this is also for my own record!
I have always liked being clean and organized... I am not a neat freak but I can be quite neurotic sometimes.  I absolutely HATE losing things!  You know you wake up and say... "I want to wear that (one) blouse! That is what I want to revolve my entire outfit and day around." If you arent organized, you might not be able to find it or remember that it's in the disgusting pile of laundry, etc.  Being more organized is a lifestyle choice and commitment.  If you go around my house I think someone would say i'm fairly organized... my cans are separated, dvd's alphabetized... I have been reading a lot of blogs about people's new years resolutions to be more organized and have a wardrobe reformation... Here's what I have (photo heavy ahead!):
full length view of my dressing room, as i call it
i decorate the walls with fave shopping bags

H&M on the Champs Elysses

candy, cologne and panties!

my inspiration posters
inspiration collages
My shoe cabinets!

Boots, boots and sneakers

High heels. I don't wear many any more.

Flats to the left.  Wedges and platforms on the right.

My mirror since i was 2.  I hang my dressing robes on it and store my Uggs and rainboots below.

Closet Number ONE:

some of my favorite vintage sequin pieces.
I keep my sweaters and cardigans on the top shelf.  I hang my blouses by color from light to dark from left to right.  I have more sweaters down below.  I can't stand it when sweaters or tops get the shoulder dents from hangers!  NEVER USE METAL HANGERS!!!

Closet number TWO:

 In my second "schrank" as they are called here in Germany, I keep dresses to the left, jeans and slacks and longer skirts.  My short skirts and shorts are kept in the drawer below.  I keep purses up top that are smaller, vintage or not used very often.  I prefer to use wooden hangers for my heavier items. NEVER USE METAL HANGERS!!!!  for anything!

Closet number THREE:

Coats, jackets, blazers and some sweatshirts and more purses.  These are my more often used bags and my more valuable ones.  I keep overnight bags and backpacks down below.

My Bedroom Dresser and such:

my Frenchy stuff and my Edward Cullen candy!

I keep my rings in an antique French candy dish

turned the hat rack into a necklace holder

King and Queen of Hearts! Me and J! <3

my bisous box from my bro and sis in law! i keep my real jewels in there!

This is my favorite part of my room.  When you get married it's kind of selfish to want to make your room all about you, so I made my corner about me!  I have the box that I got from my friend Courtney for our wedding... she handpainted it.  I keep it filled with some hair accesories, some treasures from my travels and my boxed jewelry.  The hanging mirror is a German antique.  My name was painted in San Francisco and I have blonde hair extensions that I never wear hanging on the sides! It reminds me of some of my besties back home!
I try to keep my drawers organized:


Socks.  Leggings and legwarmers. Tights.  all separated.

Black tops.

Colored tops and tees.

Tank tops and layering under-pieces.

In our weird apartment we also have another wall of cabinets and drawers in our bedroom:
my row of sunglasses! and postcards from a friend.

My beautiful bass!


top drawer is earrings. second drawer is bracelets and watches.
I LOVE the drawers for my earrings and bracelets.  I don't know what I am gonna do without those.  I keep my pajamas and gym clothes in the other cabinets... nothing worth taking pics of.  My vintage train case holds some important papers and personal items.
I keep belts in this vintage luggage.  Lingerie in the polkadot one.

my nightstand... wedding pic, journal, tissues because I am always dying of allergies.

My pretty postcards and my Madeline doll!!! All from really close friends!
I have had fun living here and organizing and decorating my space.  I am so curious what our next place will be like.  I am pretty sure it will be nothing like this!!!!  I hope you have enjoyed your tour!!!  And hopefully you'll get some ideas on how to organize your own wardrobes!

What I wore today:  
Thrifted cardigan.  Thrifted oxfords.  F21 jeans, hat and necklace.

Queen VII

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  1. Honey, you are PERFECTLY organised! But I would be a lot more organised too if I had all those closets and cabinets and shelves, haha. I just have one small hanging closet, one rack from IKEA and two big shelves! SO yeah, my closetspace is a mess. I should take pictures sometime :D


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