Monday, January 17, 2011

Pencil me in

I was a mess yesterday... my brain was in super torturous slow motion and I had to write a 1,000 word paper... so I will blame that on my lack of blogging yesterday... But I really struggled to style this pencil skirt for some reason and here is what I came up with.
It is comfortable, but also so fitted I had to be careful of what I wore under it and tucked into it.  We were going to community theater and it was a pretty mild evening so I got away with wearing my Chinese Laundry platforms.  I really didn't want to look like a secretary wearing a pencil skirt though... this is the best thing I could come up with.
Dinner at a Turkish restaurant was delish and the production of Beauty & The Beast was wonderful!

wonderful show! she loved it!

enchanted girls!

Avii and Madame Wardrobe!

after-party outfit! olive green and black again!
It was a crazy fun long day... didn't get home until 4 in the morning I think. 

ps... i changed my blog URL in case you didn't notice!  please follow me if you aren't already!

Queen VII

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