Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Wild

Actually... wild would probably be the least suitable word... It was definitely a pleasant Wednesday, which is actually a sort of Monday for me.  My husband being off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday makes it feel like that was my weekend, and now that it is Wednesday, the weekend is almost here and I have LOADS to do.

I had an amazing photoshoot on Sunday with a really fun couple.  I am working on their pictures still... followed by a fun old fashioned family game of kickball!  My daughter, who is normally so rambunctious and tough is not so much one for organized sports... she was definitely the daisy-picker of the day.  Monday I barely remember!  I think it was a lazy sort of day.  Tuesday was fantastically culminated by my husband finally busting out all of his tattooing equipment and effectively scarred himself with both a mr. and mrs. pacman!!!!  Pics of those lil guys to come.  I can't wait til he is good enough to tattoo me!!!

Today was a chill day for me and Avii... appointment, lunch, shopping and renting movies... I feel bad that I am stuck doing school work and photo editing, but she is entertained enough without me for the most part.  It was a super wet/rainy/snowy day... which i think called for a sweater and a hat... not that that combination shouldn't still look good!

i wish it didn't look so lumpy

I have been wanting to wear this bracelet! Love it!

photoshop fun!
I was comfortable for sure.  And amidst the sales racks of shoes in the BX i SCORED!!!!  I have been looking and looking and looking for some black, comfortable ankle boots.  The fact that they are Chinese Laundry is just the biggest cherry on top!  I will probably get in trouble for buying them, but at 85% off!!!!  Real, quality suede boots under $20... I could NOT say no.  I just will give up eating out for a couple times... that's pretty much the only thing I spend money on now.  Saving up for going back to California!!!  Mama's going to the MALL and Disneyland!  be ready for me!
Smartfood white cheddar popcorn is my new addiction... I will eat this and drink my nutcracker tea in peace knowing I have perfect booties!

What I wore:
Green velvet over-shirt, thrifted.  Sweater from Kohl's.  Levi's mid-rise skinny jeans.  Boots bought downtown.  Accessories from F21.

Back to work now... the pain of accounting...
Queen VII

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