Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wintry Bold

It was one of those days where you pick out a pair of socks… and you want your entire outfit to revolve around those particular socks… so you change and change and retry and reshape your entire outfit… you wear the outfit around the house… you look out the window. And then you say to yourself, “this is not what I should be wearing today.” So away go the socks! New outfit is thrown together and it just feeeeels so much better. And you say to yourself “those socks, however awesome, will have to wait for another day.”
I liked wearing some bolder colors… I am getting tired of seeing so many neutral shades everywhere and on everyone… bring back the bold and bright!!!

I felt like I was literally stuck inside the house for about 4 days straight... and I nearly was.  Jorden was wonderful and took me out and about to just relax and enjoy the bright crisp winter day... it was lovely and we had fun just driving and found this random icey road and stopped to take pictures while Avii slept in the warm car.

My cold accomplice, faithful photog!

Tomorrow I go to my hair appointment... going to say goodbye to about 6 inches... wish me luck... I am going for the chop and a toooootallly different look.  I haven't had this much thought about a haircut since I was 16 and cut about 10+ inches!!

What I wore:
Sweater dress from Kohl's.  Leggings and hat and accessories from F21.  Limelight snowboarding jacket.  Boots bought downtown. 

Queen VII


  1. Cute pictures! I love the dress, its a great color. It looks really cold there!! Good luck at your hair appointment!

    Kirstin Marie

  2. hi dear! I am wearing also long pullovers with stockings or leggings, you look so cosy xxx


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