Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chicken Dinner winner

Today was...
Today was kind of a bust… woke up late, ran boring errands. I felt like I had a cute outfit and so did my hubs and lil one… all dressed up and nowhere to go. Oh well! That’s life sometimes. Nothing wrong with trying to look cute for yourself! Everything just seemed kind of off today too… about 90% of the pics we got were out of focus or something… Jorden and I were kind of the Bickersons... I think the only really good thing about today was peanut butter cookies and I made delish chicken parm… I can end the day on a good food note!

This sweater was a thrifted find yesterday! I think it’s a new favorite! I love the color and how soft it is and how it has the teeny silver strands knitted into the yarn. You will probably see this often! 
Punxatawny Phil was a big fat liar about Spring coming early!  You see the snow in the background?! What the french?!  Luckily I have this sweater now... I have a reason for it to be cold out!
I like my cameo pinned on my fur stole... I think she might stay there for a while...

What I wore:
Thrifted Shorts and cardigan.  Hat and accessories from F21 and H&M.  Boots from shop downtown.  Tights from Kohl's.

The more I think about it, the more I realize this day wasn't half bad!  Hopefully tomorrow will be great and Saturday should be fun too!  I am setting up a booth at the flea market to hopefully clear out some stuff and get some money in my pocket!  Spring really is coming and I will be in California... mama needs some shoppin money!!!!

Queen VII

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  1. another supercute, superpretty outfit. I love the knit, the faux fur and the crochet tights: everything rocks!


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