Friday, February 11, 2011


With my husband's schedule, weekends don't mean too much other than what my friends might be doing... and the closest of our are so kind they willingly adapt to Jorden's work schedule and try to make the fun things happen on the days he is off... this week he is off tomorrow, henceforth, today has been a day at home for me and Aveline!

It was not uneventful! A friend came through and rummaged through my goods.  I packed the rest away in preparation for Flea Market Saturday in 2 weeks... I have 3 stuffed garbage bags and a bunch of boxes full of shoes, bags and denim.  I'm also in the process of organizing Aveline's clothes by size to haul them all to the flea market as well.  Hopefully I can make a lil money... whatever is left is getting sent to the thrift shop!

Aveline and I played with makeup... I now look like I have too cartoonishly blue "black" eyes.  She looks like a dusted fairy!

I am also preparing for a little styling project about color blocking!  I was able to come up with 4-5 really fun outfits out of my own closet!  Maybe I can get some friends to come over and model with me for some colorful fun!
I am totally inspired by the Gucci and Jil Sander SS/2011 collections!



Jil Sander

Jil Sander
All pictures taken from

As much as I love wearing black, I LOOOOVE color!  I feel like dressing this way will be so fun and very different from the norm.  Fall and winter has been so natural and neutral!  I want to bring some color out with a bang!

I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel... both for this disgusting cold I have as well as my accounting class!  And Montag is Valentine's Day!!!!  I loooove Valentine's day!  Hearts are my favorite and I love love!!! :-)  I didn't decorate or do as much this year as I did last... the class and being sick hasn't been so helpful.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Write to me about any escapades you all might get into!

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