Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good News!!!

We found out where our next post will be and we.are.headed.HOME!
Beale AFB, California!!!!!
If everything goes through of course...
But I am already dreaming and scheming of all the wonderfulness I will have in my life again! 
Seeing my family and friends regularly!
My favorite shops and restaurants accessible!
Sunshine and seasons I know and love.
Things are going to be so different though.  We will have our own place and finally start our establishing our lives!

I could start making a list of all the things on my "shopping list":

A HOUSE is definitely the most important thing;

I love the majority of the furniture I have, even though most of it is Ikea.  But one thing we do need is a COUCH:
And apparently, if we want to watch normal tv we will have to buy a new HDTV one because we still have a non-widescreen tube tv.
With having a house I definitely want a yard and garage.  And with having a yard and garage I definitely want a PUPPY!

Jorden really wants his Great Dane puppy but I want a Corgi first!

I have a personal shopping list too...

TOMS for the family!
for Avii

For me!

For J!
I gotta hit up a few of my favorite stores!

Buckle isn't one of my favorite stores, but I need some new JEANS... I am only bringing 2 pairs in my luggage so we'll see if I can find a pair I love.  I am done buying cheap shitty jeans that stop fitting correctly.

I'm not saying I am going to be going on any kind of shopping spree, but I definitely want to go to a real MALL with Jorden and maybe find some things for each of us... treat ourselves back into the American lifestyle. 

So YAY!!!  California, be ready for us!  Because we are coming!!!!

Queen VII


  1. TAJ MAHAL POEM OF LOVE...TO FANNY, COUNTESS OF BRUGES...let the splendor of the diamond, pearl and ruby vanish like the magic shimmer of the rainbow.


  2. Yay! So happy that you'll be back. We can finally have a shopping adventure! I'm not really a fan of Toms (the look of them..the cause is great) but I am in love with gold and I would totally sport some gold ones. I even love the pink sparkly ones. I was about to cry if you said you were a fan of Buckle jeans. Haha but yes, I agree, once you find a pair of quality denim you will not want to go back to buying cheap jeans. Nordstrom rack!! I've managed to find all my favorites at Marshalls and the rack. Oh I miss TJMaxx, I don't go there much but we'll have to go when you are here!

  3. We welcome you here with open arms! Yay!

    And I adore corgis. They are my favorite!


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