Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts abound

Ohhh mama it's been a hectic last couple days!
Valentine's Day was both a hit and a bust, but let's focus on the positive!  YUMMY food (sushi), lots of chocolates, new shoes and paper hearts galore.  I managed to top off the evening watching True Blood and Jersey Shore and eating ice cream with my love.  I stayed up til past 1 in the AM then woke up at 430 to flunk my final... it wasn't a bad flunking, but a near bad flunking nonetheless... oh well... that's why I do well with all my classwork...

My handsome Hubs!!

hiding with her treats!

I added sweethearts to mine!
I wore something I felt was Valentines-y, but wound up changing for lack of a slip!  So instead I opted for comfort with a little sweetie-cuteness I suppose...

What I wore:
American Apparel Deep V-neck over F21 dress.  OTK socks.  Shoes from Deichmann.

Today was wonderful... photoshoot, johnny rockets for dinner and some retail therapy... I got a new black slip! a thrifted black jersey knit maxi skirt and a black dress from the BX today that was 75% off!!!  This no real shopping for 3 months thing is killing me!!!  Like causing me mental anguish!!!!  Aaack, the confessions of the shopaholic!  Even becoming pickier about my purchases I am still wanting to shop!!!!

I think we are off to Stuttgart tomorrow!  Woohoo for the Porsche museum and the planetarium!  Now what to wear to that?

OH... here's what I wore today... double outfit post!  It was cold and drizzly gross out so it was definitely a hat an boots day... I busted out the Betsey Johnson bag... it made me think of Valentine's Day!

What I wore:
F21 v-neck tunic.  Red skirt (old). Green cargo jacket (old).  H&M hat.  Boots from downtown shop. Betsey Johnson purse. Vintage belt.  F21 necklace.

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