Monday, February 7, 2011


My days lately have been quite monochromatic... school, eating, errands, cleaning house.  Dressing up and taking pics is the best way to feel creative and have fun!
I have been admiring those stylish ladies that pull off really cool monochrome looks with different colors... It has been so gray lately... The sun finally came out so I ironically dressed head to toe in shades of gray!
Oh well! Go with it!

I think the key to dressing monochrome is to mix up the textures but stay within the same palette... for example I chose to put cool grays together instead of warm or taupe-y grays.

Anyways... I am having fun playing with color concepts... previously I mixed up the neutrals... this time the monochrome... the next color experiment is going to be color blocking a la the increasingly popular Jill Sanders SS/11 collection!

Queen VII


  1. such a chic blog, found you via chictopia xxx
    I really like this outfit

  2. monochrome looks lovely on you, great outfit :) can't wait for the colorblocking!

  3. nice pictures !


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