Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday was like a dream come true! I consider myself a car girl, although not a gear head… I love going to car shows and museums. Porsche has been my favorite of most favorite car brands ever since I was a little kid and could basically differentiate vehicle types. Living in Germany has afforded so so so many of my dreams to come true… my bucket list really is getting checked off at a young age! We live about 2 hours from Stuttgart, where Porsche originated! They have an amazing museum that we visited. I wanted to wear something comfortable, but not cheap looking… Being surrounded by luxury vehicles (and in effect, rich people) I did not want to look like a frump!
This outfit is totally me… lots of black, uber girlie and a little edgy. I got this dress during a retail therapy session and scored finding it at a nice 75% off!

Have a great weekend!!!!
xoxo... Queen VII

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  1. you look supersexy honey, I love the sexy tights and the thigh high boots, perfect with the rugged jacket and frilly dress!


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