Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why does it matter?

I have been MIA for a few days... been busy with family and friends and school stuff and was a little sick there for a while.  But I'm back and ready to attack!

I have been doing some ponderous pondering... what about?  About me!  About why I do what I do and why does it matter?  I think it's good and healthy to every so often have a time of self reflection... to think about where you are in life and what you are doing... figure out what you are doing and to what end if any.  It's good to stop and reflect so you can re-evaluate and make changes if necessary.

For me, I am going to be changing my drinking habits.  I do not drink often... maybe once a week in social settings.  When I do drink lately, I know I drink too much.  Beer pong plus a bottle of wine by myself is not healthy by any means.  Liquor never does me any favors.  My husband is amazing for the fact that he never, ever drinks.  One of my icons and someone I look up to, Audrey Kitching never drinks.  I know how to have fun!  I used to be DD going to clubs all the time and had an amazing time.  I want to go back to that.  So from now on... a couple glasses of wine, not a whole bottle.  A couple beers, with a dinner.  MAYBE the occasional gin bloody mary, but I think I am good off of anything else.  We are moving soon and my liquor cabinet is diminishing and I will not replenish it.  I think overall I will be happier and healthier the day after.  And no longer will I feel like a jackass after the fact.  My mums is an amazing person who is inspiring me to be a better person in this aspect as well.  I know I can do it!

Onto the next.

I read an amazing article, "The Rebirth" in Elle magazine by Louisa Kamps, a woman who lived in New York and wound up moving to some small town in Wisconsin.  It really made me think and inspired me to write today.  It basically begs the questions: "Why care about clothes? Why does it matter?"  Clothes are meant to provide you body with protective cover... why not just wear jeans and sweatshirts and sneakers every day?  I admit that I am obsessed with clothes and fashion.  I take it waaaay too seriously.  Even when I was younger.  I would literally catalogue all of the new back-to-school items I had gotten over the summer.  I would number each piece and plan out probably the first two weeks worth of outfits for school, making sure I switched up the items and matched the proper shoes and accessories to each outfit.  Neurotic?  Perhaps a bit.  Every vacation, every event, it's basically the same thing.  My mums called it "fashion show" time when it came time to choose an outfit.  I still do it.  Each day is different.  I choose to seize the day with what I wear! 

Why do I do it?  Because it matters to me!  Simple enough.  I love clothes and how each individual piece can be used in so many different ways and how every person can have their own interpretation of the clothes.  No closet is alike, no matter where you go! Whether it's a closet with 100 items or over 2,000, there will be no twin closets!  I think how you dress shows how you feel about yourself, and it does not always matter if you have money or not... looking good will always make you feel good about yourself, there is no arguing that.

In Ms. Kamp's article she writes about how she has such wonderful pieces of clothing and she lives in such a po-dunk town that everyone just wants to wear jeans and football team items.  She writes about how people would stare at her when she would wear her most treasured pieces.  I totally relate to her.  And I want to say that I am not writing this post to talk negatively about anybody in particular or anybody in general.  It's just all my point of view and what I see.  Everyone has their own priorities.  If putting effort into personal style is not a priority in your life, then don't worry about what I have to say from here on out.  Believe me, I do have my days where I wear jeans and a tee or stay in lounge pants to work on things at home all day.  I grew up with a mother that put on her face and high heels every day to cook and clean and go about her day.  I do her a shame at least two to three days a week. 

Being an Air Force spouse I learned quickly that I do not fit into the typical blend of stay at home wives and mothers.  I do not shop at American Eagle and Hollister.  I do not wear Crocs or Nike tennis shoes with jeans.  I do not carry a $300 Coach bag.  I get out of bed and shower and have fun deciding what to wear... figuring out what color palette I want to go with, what accessories match, what coat and bag and possible hat match.  I will NEVER leave my house without makeup on... the rare emergency room trip aside.... I will be dressed and ready to go no matter where I go... to check the mail, go to the grocery store, any errands.  It matters to me.  I feel good about myself.  My husband appreciates the effort I make to look good for myself and for my family.  He is a comfort over trend person, but my husband definitely has his own style and it is evolving awesomely!  It also makes me feel good when my daughter tells me I look pretty or she likes my skirt.  She has her own love for clothes and getting dressed (I am creating a monster! hahaha).  I don't look down on any of the air force wives for dressing how they do.  There are some that do dress beautifully.  I just hate when they stare and scowl at me and look at me like I am the weirdo.  Just because we do not live in a big city does not mean that we have to dress down for day to day life.  I think that most people can appreciate clothes on some level and the pleasure that comes from admiring your own touch of picking out that great outfit and having someone compliment it is always worth it.  I love that my friends are stylish and care about what they wear.  I honestly feel that clothes provide a bond in friendship as well!  If you are my true friend, we have probably shopped together, either at a store or within each other's wardobes.  I miss Sacramento where the variety of people and style was awesome and people would see a unique outfit and give a critical or appreciative eye.  I cannot wait to go back to that. 

In Ms. Kamps's article she concludes by saying "wearing clothes that speak a message of humor, strength, respect or glamour is the act of love - of self and others - I never want to abandon again."  Dress how you feel no matter how much you think you might not "fit in."  I do and I am happier for it!  So that is enough reason for it to matter.

I feel so fortunate to have discovered the world of fashion blogs and Chictopia.  I don't feel quite as silly talking about clothes, thinking about clothes and writing about clothes as much as I do, considering I am not working in fashion.  Life is good and I hope to become more involved in blogging and have more blogging friends and followers.  Sometimes it's discouraging when I do not get any followers or comments for a while, but I blog first and foremost for myself.  Anyone who wants to read along is just making this whole experience all the more wonderful!!

I wore this outfit knowing it was cold and everyone would be bundled up in sweaters and coats.  This is an outfit that expresses me!  Colorful, bold, comfortable, unique

What I wore:
Hat from H&M.  Sweater and shorts from Target.  Lace flower top from BX.  Vera Wang leggings.  Balenciaga bag.

Queen VII


  1. I love this post, and how much insight it gives in your personality and the way you think :) yes, clothes are very trivial. But they are amazingly important at the same time. I would feel like half the person I am today if I'd have to swap my clothes for jeans and a T for the rest of my life. My outfits express me and accentuate me. I love my clothes! and I'm glad you're not a typical airforce wife, and I wish you good luck on cutting down the drinking! I hardly ever drink, but I quite enjoy it when I do, especially the vinoooo

  2. thank you Annebeth! and i love me some vinoooo too! i want to enjoy it and not regret it :-) appreciate your readership and comments always!


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