Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Budget wardrobing, more color blocking

 I'm gonna make this post a two-parter... Today was better than I thought it could be!  Cuter outfit, glorious sunshine, thrifting success, a trip back from the tailor, shopping with my beebs... and some sweet tea!

I have been planning this color palette/outfit since it was gloomy and too cold out to even think about going out bare-gammed...  dreaming of wearing bright colors while watching the Gucci runway show on I think my legs are way too pale still, but they need to come out sometime!  It was a great day to wear a skirt!  I wanted to wear loads of color, gold and big chunky bangles that do NOT cost $900!

photo by Aveline!

this top has a weird split in the butt area


What I wore:
F21 hooded cardigan.  Coral colored tunic from the BX.  H&M skirt and braid belt.  Longchamp bag.  Wayfarers from San Francisco.  Gold flats bought on ebay.

I really want to talk about current fashion and the awesomeness that is thrifting and alterations.  It is completely feasible to be chic and trendy and do it on a budget.  I pride myself on being a budget-concious fashionista.  I am a wife and mother and am always looking to save a buck here and there, but I am always in love with the newer trends.  I went thrifting today and came upon another $5 bag sale day!!!!  Here is what I scored and the price points (not to be a bragass, but to prove my point!)...

Take this:
Accordion skirt.  I have been lusting after one since I saw them online... This is the dreamy American Apparel one. price point: $59 or so.
What I found (actually, Avii pulled it off the rack for me, bless her soul):

It was in the extra large section (don't avoid the other size sections! browse it all)... $89 brand new skirt, thrifted for $8.  I trimmed the bottom to be midi-length rather than extra long.  SAVED: $51 plus shipping!

I have been really into finding bottoms I love.  I find it harder and way more expensive to find bottoms I like, so I am planning on bringing my pants, shorts and skirts I love and shopping for tops when I get to California.  I have really been into trousers.  Being a colorblocking fan I am digging the bright pants look!

Zara trousers, going for $59.90:

What I got:
Bought at German flea market for 1 euro.  Tailored to fit for 7 euros.  Total: 8 euros, with the rate, it's about $11.  Amount saved: $48!

I love the chic chinos and male inspired trousers look.
These are cheap ones from H&M going for about 20 euros.
Here's what I found:
Thrifted for $3.  Tailored for 7 euros.  Striped top (Esprit) was in my $5 bag sale bag!

Charcoal trousers, thrifted for $3, tailored for 7 euros.  Top (in need of ironing!) was part of the $5 bag sale today.

The other goodies I found today:

S. Oliver tee.  Gap button fly boyfriend jeans I might cut into shorts. Both in the $5 bag!

Slouchy linen-ish pants, $5 bag sale!

Red skirt... in the bag!

In total:
$8  Accordion skirt (not part of bag sale)
$5  Bag sale items:  jeans, linen pants, tee, striped top, orange top, red skirt.
$3 Chinos
$3 Charcoal trousers
22 euros, alterations

$19 plus 22 euros (about $30)

TOTAL:  $49!!!    
Crazy right?!  4 pants, 2 skirts, 3 tops!   Not a bad trip.  And I know that although it was about $10 to tailor each pair of pants, They fit me exactly how I would like and I will get much more wear out of something I fit comfortably in.  It's still cheaper than even 20 euros a pair!

So again, I preach the greatness of thrifting... sometimes it takes time to find the things you really want (accordion skirt!), but it is usually always worth the wait!

Queen VII


  1. GREAT finds, I actually like your versions better than the expensive versions! the skirt is my fave, and I really want bright pants too :)

    love your outfit too, gorgeous colorcombo!!

  2. Love all these outfits; you simply look dashing. =o)

  3. Yes, I love your take on color blocking! Well done.

  4. Ahhh! Loving all the color! $46??? That's better than the thrift stores here!! Can't wait to watch you style all the pieces. =)


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