Monday, March 14, 2011

Buttercup and Basil

Spring is coming!  I feel it! I can almost see it!
I think I am fully recovered from Jorden's White Trash Birthday Bash on Saturday night. It was of epic proportions!  Everyone dressed up in such great costumes!  I rocked a Peg Bundy/Trailer Park real estate agent look to start and then got into my house dress later on!  I went by Pearl for the night... my hair had to be shampooed 3 times!  Too much teasing and hairspray.  Some green tea, minestrone soup and a too-steaky cheesesteak brought me back to life after the party.  White trash food-stuffs are rough on the system.  The husband and friends all seemed to have a really great night though!  Definitely one to remember.

On a better note:

The buttercups are starting to pop up!  A sign of sunshine and warmth and happiness to me.  My last partial spring in Germany.  I will be taking loads of flower pictures....

I liked how these lil guys speared some of the leaves on their way up and out!  I'll see tomorrow if the buds open up!
I guess I am on a green and gold binge... I made some whole wheat spaghetti with a butter, olive oil, white wine, basil, spinach and green pea sautee with some grilled chicken... extra parmesan...  basil and butter... I gotta figure out some more things to do with that!

Here are a few snaps of my sunshine, playing at the park across the street.

Kind of a lot of randomness...
Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Happy Montag.

Pray for Japan.

Queen VII

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