Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chartreuse mit Puce

The crispiness of spring is in the air!
Why is everything around still hideous and non-blooming?  I guess it takes more than 2 days of sunshine for stuff to grow.
Even though the sun is shining it is still chilly willy outside!  Not exactly bare-leg weather yet.
I am so excited to debut my newest Longchamp bag!  The color is called "curry" but I like Chartreuse better!  And what better to wear with Chartreuse than Puce?!

coooold, but going to risk no jacket for pics

I love my bracelet from India!
I admit that I had bigger and better plans for this outfit... there were some technical issues and probably some modeling issues too.  Fashion blogging and taking pics can be a pain sometimes... lighting is always the biggest bitch.  The top and jeans were thrifted finds I was super stoked about... The top is that fake silk, crepe de chine.  My ass has been getting fatter hibernating and I needed some new jeans so I scored with these $4 babies that are like brand spankin new!  and the size on the tag does make my ego feel a little better. 

Earlier in the day we went for a walk and got some ice cream... I think we might have been better off with some hot cocoa or coffee!

My husband's birthday is coming up soon!!!  Second annual White Trash Birthday bash!  It's gonna be epic once again!!!

Dinner made up for all the cold!  Read my next post!
Queen VII

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