Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Color blocking

I think I am on a colorblocking binge. It’s all I want to do and all I can think about. It still feels like late winter more than early spring. I still see people bundled up in parkas and boots, but I long to see color and i hope that more people take advantage of all the pretty, bold colors that are trendy for spring. I love it a la Jil Sander with the stark white tee. Michael Kors also brought some neutral tones to the colorblocking trend.   I also love that snakeskin and crocodile are the animal prints of choice this season.  Something a little extra exotic with all the bright colors.  I think I will try the Michael Kors color blocking look tomorrow, for St. Patty's day! Stay tuned!
It was a super windy, overcast day and I wish I could have gone bare-legged (though not with this short skirt yet), but it’s still too soon. This was a fun outfit to wear while running errands.

Thinking about... Strawberries?

About to get blown over.

Pucker up for tangerine lipstick!

Should have worn something flowy to show how windy it was!

Snakeskin flats! Faves!

It was fun to come back and check my blogs and see 3 or 4 posts on color blocking.  Street Style Sacramento was one of them! Glamour BBey was another that made me so glad I took my bubblegum pink pants in to be tailored.  (I got 3 pairs of pants getting altered right now... I'll write more about that next week once I get them back.)

What I wore:
Thrifted vintage cardigan.  White tee from target.  Skirt from H&M. Stockings from F21. Longchamp bag in "curry". Flats bought downtown.

Queen VII

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