Friday, March 4, 2011

Cupcake bangarang

This Saturday.... ooooh it's Saturday and I want it to be a good one! 
Woke up early to a disappointment and I usually believe that the day that starts off not so great will end up well!!  I was thinking... hey?! Maybe I'll go to the gym?  But why bother because I hardly ever go?  What is one day reaaaaally gonna do for me?!
So here is my post...
I trimmed my bangs and wore "jorts," both of which I think my husband found quite unappealing.  (He just does not care for bangs or high waisted shorts!) Sometimes I find myself trying to dress for myself as well as him... honestly though... being fashionable tends to make one a man-repeller and I/he needs to just accept it on certain days... just go with it, baby... and lucky for me, he usually always does :-)  The Lord has blessed me with a husband that goes along with my craziness!!!

Honestly though, I was thinking of one of my besties when I wore this outfit... Miss D'becca ;-)!!!  She loves yellow, tall socks and high waisted shorts!  She gifted me with this awesome t-shirt for Christmas and it's one of my fave screen tees ever!

This is my first time being somewhat bare-legged outside... and it was definitely still pretty cold (and yes, I AM that white right now).  These pics are over-exposed but I just can't help wanting to soak up whatever sunshine I can!

What I wore:
Thrifted cardigan and Levi 501's that I cut off.  Chinese Laundry booties.  Tee and socks from F21.  Longchamp bag of course!  Sunnies from Ebay.

I am about to go wake up Avii and try to figure out what to wear today.  I don't know what we are doing but I am getting outta this house!  School is a bumfuck lately!!!!! I need to get away from this computer for a little while!

Tomorrow, photoshoot day with a bunch of girlies!  Hopefully we get some good stuff!!!

Queen VII


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for finding my blog and following. I'm so pleased to follow back. You have great style! I'm still loving that cupcake tee!

  2. oooh that dress you described to me sounds AWESOME, take a picture now and I'll give you lotsa tips to style it and then I'll steal it from you! :D and yeah, my boyfriend doesn't like my weird shorts or banged periods (haha) either. Oh well, they fell in love with us for our uniqueness so they'll have to grin and bear it :D

  3. Oh, man, this shirt is too cute! I love it with these shorts. oh, and bare legs...spring has got to be close!


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