Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fasching Fun!!!

Fasching was yesterday!  Cultures celebrating Karneval, Carnival and Mardi Gras around the world all have their way of celebrating and I love how the Germans do it!  The fun of food and sekt (German champagne) and celebrating and being crazy mixed with the fun of dressing up like it's Halloween is the best blend ever!

The parade in Ramstein Village was huge!  It's so fun that it's about the kids too (unlike some Mardi Gras celebrations).

Waiting for more of the parade to come through!
me n my bestie!
me with the clowns!
When a bottle gets popped, it never hurts to ask for a fill up!

It was so much fun and we got so much candy! They throw it all to the crowd and kids and if you are extra awesome sometimes you'll get some wine or shots (for the grown-ups of course!)...
I love love loved my outfit!  I had so much fun with it and really tried to keep it cute and kinda chic in a way!

I love that the dress was vintage German.  I was going to wear pink and purple and green but the ribbon on the hat was yellow, blue and black so I went with that!

I have tons more pics to remember such a fun day by!  Did anyone else celebrate Mardi Gras?  Is anyone giving up anything for the Lenten period?  Shopping perhaps?  NO WAY!!!!

Queen VII


  1. These photos are so fun! Silly me, I didn't know they celebrated Mardi Gras in Europe. Your makeup is so creative! Looks like a makeup artist did it! Are you one??

  2. You're most welcome! It is MUCH easier on oneself! I completely agree!


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