Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FOOD: Seared Ahi tuna on Spinach Mesclun salad

Oh, heaven help me, I have discovered seared ahi tuna steaks!
I have always been a fan of tuna sushi... and found the seared tuna to be interesting and pretty to look at, but usually out of my budget at restaurants.  I looked up some recipe suggestions and decided to go ahead and risk trying it at home!
Successsssss!!  Searing, succulent success! 
Best thing EVER...
This is how I prepared it:

Seared Ahi

Ahi Tuna steaks, sashimi grade
McCormicks Grillmates Montreal Steak seasoning
Extra virgin olive oil
Italian bread crumbs
tiny bit of vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray.

Rinse and pat dry your steaks.  Drizzle a few drops of EVOO and then encrust each piece with the steak seasoning.  Add a tiny bit of breadcrumb to coat as well, but not too much.  Get a grill pan or skillet and pre heat it til super hot.  Spray with cooking spray.  Cook each steak for 45 seconds to one minute only on each side.  Remove from pan.  Slice very thinly (1/4 inch).  Serve over Spinach salad (recipe below).

A lot of recipes called for just using some cracked black pepper and salt and some cayanne pepper, but I am a major fan of the montreal seasoning blend.  You really want to have a nice tastey crust on the steak.  Don't use olive oil to sear the meat because the smoking point of olive oil is waaaay too low for the temperature you need to cook the fish at.

Spinach Mesclun Salad with terriyaki lime ginger dressing.
Spinach greens
Mesclun mix
Shredded carrots (i had beets as well)
3-4 tbs real butter
4 tbs terriyaki sauce/marinade (not a thick one, or you can use regular soy sauce)
1-2 tsp lime juice
Ground ginger
1 tbs honey

Heat the butter until melted.  Whisk in terriyaki, then lime. Add ginger and honey.  While still warm, pour over greens and toss together.

This is a surprisingly heavy meal... I can see why ahi tuna steaks are referred to as "steak"... It felt like fancy food and the whole meal was probably around $15!  Compare that to around $25+ a plate at a restaurant!  So easy and so delish!  The sauce I derived from some French cuisine and recipes I have studied.  I like the velvety spinach with the bitter mesclun.  I HIGHLY encourage trying this recipe!  It is sweet, savory, peppery, citrusy... everything you could hope for in a dish!

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  1. Mmm! I am definitely going to make this some time...when I can get the right ahi tuna!


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