Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Day!

It is St. Patrick's Day and althought the German's don't celebrate it there are enough Americans around that do.  There are also the village Irish pub which I am pretty sure will be crazy tonight!  I love love LOVE Irish food... some of the best I have had in my entire 3 years stay out here... but I am going to postpone until Sunday, when the hubby is off work.
I feel like any day at the thrift store is a shot at luck!  If you are lucky you will find some amazing goodies for cheap, and if not, it's just not your day.  Avii and I decided to get dressed and try our luck at one of the 2 thrift stores open today.  We went to the Landstuhl one and I read the hours wrong and showed up 20 minutes after they closed... I thought it was a bad luck thing.  We got back in the car and headed over to the Pulaski thrift shop, which was basically empty and totally crappy the last time we went.  I just really needed to get out the house and get some air and show off Avii because she looked so cute with her shamrock headband.
I can say SCORE!!!  I had grabbed $20 from our lil petty cash stash at home and hoped to come home with maybe a dress or a skirt or a cool old lady blouse...
I found some great things and so did Avii!!!

LL Bean blazer. Is this considered seersucker?
 Perfect springy blazer!
Allison Taylor adorable well made dress coat. The sleeves are shorter and so cute!
 I think I'm going to wear this coat with a black dress to a dinner party tomorrow.
Avo-green knit dress from Banana Republic.
 Not sure where I will wear this, but I must satisfy my Mad Men tastes!  This dress is soooo Joan!  Maybe Annebeth could give me some styling suggestions for it!  (She is the queen of all that is Mad Men real world styling btw.)
Buttery soft Italian suede pants.
I also got a super cute collared dress and a couple movies and toys for Aveline.  The pants were not in my taste (really long and kinda flared funny) and I have been dreaming about some leather or suede shorts so I went ahead and DIY-ed myself some shorts...
Scissors, Iron, hot glue gun:
et voila!
The thing was, I only had $20 on me and the stuff totaled about $25... BUT, because of our awesome LUCK... it was $5 bag sale day!  I walked out spending a whopping $6.50!!!!!    YEAH!!!!

It was a fun day and I am still going to enjoy a pint of Guinness with my pizza while I do some schoolwork (that I was unluckily assigned)!
My lucky charm!

Army drab green is still green!

 What I wore:
Dress from F21.  Boots and tights bought downtown.  Scarf from Paris. 

Hope you have the luck of the Irish today and all year long!

Queen VII


  1. aaaaaaaaaah that dress is marvelous! I would wear it with COLORED TIGHTS (like I always do). An off white, a very dark navy blue or a different shade of green. Shoewise you could go lots of ways: (peeptoe)pumps, or lace up heeled brogues, or kitten heels, or even flat brogues. If you go all Joan you should use a pin to draw attention to your RACK, or a scarf! Does that help? Any other questions? :D

  2. Those suede pants look fab made into suede shorts & joan is my favorite character on mad men! i want to be her when i grow up.

  3. I love your outfit.
    The green dress is such a beautiful colour


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