Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mellow yellow

There is a LOT going through my head right now...
School, Aveline, moving, trying to enjoy my last moments in Europe, blogging, birthdays...
Thinking of what is going on in Japan... what does it all mean?  Why do these things happen? 
Life is tough.  A lot tougher for some.  I am grateful beyond words that I have never had to truly suffer in life.  I know I am a really superficial person... I worry more about what to wear and where can I take my outfit pics and why can't we go out to eat more often?  My life is a cake-walk...
I watched a movie with a Japanese man in it and he said the Japanese possess unbelievable strength when backed into a corner... I have a feeling in my heart that this is true.

Sometimes dressing a certain way can make you feel just a tiny bit better.  I know that clothes are the last thing a lot of people are concerned about... but clothes make me happy sometimes.
What I wore:
Thrifted blazer.  AA sunshine yellow deep v-neck. Pants from F21. Longchamp bag in "curry." Hat from H&M.  Earrings by Guess c/o friend.  Chinese Laundry boots.

Today is also my Dad's birthday!!!  I hope he has an awesome day and enjoys the present we ordered for him.

Queen VII


  1. I love love love this color combination!
    Well done!


  2. I love the yellow and the hat. And I am extremely upset about Japan too. My heart is bleeding for the people over there, in shock and looking for relatives and a way to get their life back.

  3. Wow you look absolutely beautiful in yellow,
    I know is so sad what is happening, too much pain!!!

  4. Your hat looks fabulous!! I love hats, and this one looks awesome on you- I think it looks cool with your black hair. I also really like your bright yellow Lonchamp- so pretty!

    It is such a tragedy what is taking place in Japan. I feel terrible.. It is really such a terrible, terrible tragedy..


  5. Ok, looking atthis makes me want to go shopping. I need a better wardrobe ;]
    Hehe, I'm lovin your blog!
    Distant Dreamer


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