Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oster Schoko!

Easter is coming... or should I say Oster!!!!  And to Germans, that means chocolate... by the giant bunny-full!

We went to the Lindt Chocolate Museum last May and it was amazing to see how all of the chocolate molds were made and sample some of the stuff... I am not a major chocolate fan, but who can resist it when it is so wonderfully abundant?!

For my Dad!
We found a few funny ones and faves!
I love white chocolate!

A real soccer ball encased in chocolate!
Some for Easter romance too:
Easter man-candy?!

schoko lady... on a cell phone?!

this is better!!! :-)
If Avii could have the Easter Egg hunt of her dreams:
Kindereggs and chocolate bunnies... Kindereggs are illegal in the US because they have toys inside!!! Laaaame!

All photos taken at GLOBUS!!!!  The German superstore!
I will update more about Easter as we get closer!!!!

Queen VII

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