Monday, March 7, 2011


I realize I have become increasingly self-involved with this blog... except for maybe some recipe posts here and there.
There is a part of my life that is increasingly important and that is photography!  As much as I love being the subject of photos for fashion and styling reasons (I would never consider myself much of a model), I love taking photos of people and want to get better and better at it... to the point that I want to make some money and a partial livelihood out of taking pictures of people.  I have had a few shoots in the past weeks and here are a few samples!

I am doing the best I can trying to get friends to model for me.  Offering free photos is always a good incentive.  I hope to get some more couples, families and portrait work done.  Hopefully everyone will see me improving!!!!

What do you think of my work so far?!

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  1. waw you did a great job! well done, Keep up the good work! xxx


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