Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pink salad

I found inspiration for this outfit from Chiara from The Blonde Salad. She has been doing some awesome mixing of the bright colors. These are the pants I bought at a German floh markt for one euro and had altered a little bit… I keep seeing girls with the Zara trousers and I love it, but can’t really afford them, so these are my brightass pants! I tried to play it down a little with the black pieces, but I love how Chiara throws in a splash of another color… It was a gloomy day and I thought I would bust out the Betsey bag! It’s been too long.

tried to have bubblegum pink lips!

I look so pissed off or tired in these photos... I think I was tired and hungry and just worn out.  It was a long day.  
I think getting one of these Furla Candy Bags would brighten up anyone's day!  I want the green one and/or the blue one!

Anyways... I am beat and have loads of homework to do.  Not fun.



  1. Yes, I would like to steal everything you have on and wear it! Hehe! Pink is my favorite color.

    I hadn't seen these Furla bags, but they are so fun! The color and the material are like instant mood enhancers. How could you help but smile carrying one around? Love em!

  2. Yes for the pink in this outfit! Pink is one of those colors that is an instant pick-me-up. I had a feeling you were inspired by Chiara- you really channeled her! :)

    And I've been lusting after those Furla bags... I wish I could have a hot pink one (pink again, lol- what else?!) x

  3. Great alternative to the Zara pants!

  4. ooooh lovely bags! I'd go for the green or red/orange <3 and the colors you are wearing are superpretty, I adore your pants.


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