Monday, March 21, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I feel like today was jinxed with near-mishaps... I meant to wake up at 10 and woke up at noon.  I changed my outfit a couple different times only to wind up wearing the first thing I put on.  Nothing really got done.  I think with all the sunshine the hubs and I need to retake some photo lessons... too much light ruins pictures.  Hopefully I can figure out how to get better, sharper images asap... any tips?  I think I need to stick with my 50mm prime lens instead of my standard 18-55 (the hubby doesn't really like it, but i think it will be better if I don't have to ask him to retake my photos next time.  The effort will be worth the trouble.)...


This is my awesome newish blouse I purchased at the German Floh Markt from an old lady for 1 Euro!  I like it... it's slouchy and comfortable and it has the odd combination of roses and paisely, black and navy!  (Can you say "man repeller"?!). I wore it simple with my thrifted Old Navy flares and my clogs.  When it is warmer I have a really pretty rose skirt I want to wear the blouse with.

I am already sick of my bangs again... it always happens!

damn you complex awesome camera! (jk! i love my nikon!)

Poor Avii had her 4 year old check up today... poor lil thing got 4 shots in her legs!!!  Not a fun day... Daddy tried to make it better by being funny.

Karate kid impression

I liked the Hubs' outfit... (the Castle is behind him!)

Shadow love! we were not holding hands for reals!
We have a bbq to go to tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be sunny and warmer... it IS officially Spring now!
Queen VII


  1. I know the feeling about the photos. I am still trying to figure mine out. Cute photos!

  2. You look amazing in black and white colors! They look so good with your hair color and your complexion!I love that rose shirt and your jeans are so chic! xx


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