Friday, March 25, 2011


This post is a little different in that I took outfit pics twice... a few before and a few after shopping! 
This is my new favorite blazer and I already have so many outfits I want to wear with it! 
Yesterday I asked Avii what she wanted to do:  shopping!  Where? H&M!  and then tea party afterwards.
We are going to be shipping my car back to California next week hopefully so this is probably the last day that her and I are gonna be able to jet off and have girls day out... it was gloriously sunny!  I took advantage!
We got all dressed in our Friday best and headed downtown to walk the shopping strip, eat butter brezel, pizza, ice cream and shop!  I bought some light pink and hot pink tights for her, a cute pink bunny tee and some Cinderella flip flops!  I bought myself a little attachment for my Longchamp!  I got an A in my Com class... I deserve a prize!

Before shopping:

And after shopping!:

Like I said, this blazer is amazing and so perfect for spring!!!  It's thrifted L.L. Bean!  I wore it with a slouchy faded striped top to kinda play on the stripes thing.  I purposefully wore my cobalt blue bra underneath to make it kinda sexy and it looked better with the jacket!

Love my newly tailored pants!  These shoes without socks were not the most comfortable so I'll have to figure out something for that next time... I love my gold accessories... and check out my new tassel keychain thing for my Longchamp!!! I love it!

Avii had a great day and so did I!  The (juice) tea party went well too!
Avii in her Hello Kitty outfit!

What I wore:
Thrifted L.L. Bean blazer and Old Navy chinos, custom tailored.  Longchamp bag.  H&M tassel. Shoes from Deichmann.

I am going to get to my spaghetti... I should write a book of all the sauces I come up with for my spaghetti!  I only use whole wheat pasta... today's sauce is basil, butter, cream cheese, feta, garlic, olive oil, with peas, cannelini beans and wilted spinach... so yummy!

I have a couple of pretty significant blog posts in the works... one of which might be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

Queen VII


  1. i love your hair

    and hihi Avii looks so cute!

  2. Oh, such a lovely blazer! I would love to find something so great in the thrift stores here, but I have no such luck.


  3. you are such a stylish mum!! I absolutely love this clean spring outfit with those fierce shoes, I could never go shopping in heels though :D and your baby girl looks beautiful too :)

  4. thanks girls! these heels actually weren't too bad for the 2 hours we were out walking around with no break. i was pretty much done after that though.

  5. I think you and I could be long lost thrifting sisters! I'm SO pleased to find another person who finds a deal on pants or a top then has them tailored. Still cheaper than paying full price in the store. I knew I liked you! hehe


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