Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's here!

I can't believe it's April already...
Should I start a countdown to when I leave?
We sent my car out yesterday... hopefully it arrives safe in California in 6 weeks!  I will be needing someone to drive us to Richmond to pick it up.  Maybe we can make a day of it and go to San Francisco for the day and stop by the beach.
I am not happy right now.  It is a glorious day outside and I am stuck inside with a ton of homework I do not want to do.  I am so sick of school sometimes.  Tomorrow should be better... we are going on a picnic.  Hopefully the sunshine sticks around!  And hopefully it warms up...

I took these photos a few days ago when I still had a car and it was sunny but still cool out.

 These are definitely a few of my favorite things.  I LOVE the H&M stretch tank tops.  They are very smooth and fit well and are very inexpensive.  This J.Crew skirt is one of my favorite things I own.  I love the fabric, the pockets, everything!  Especially the fact that it was $5 thrifted!  I am wearing my fave flats, fave robot necklace and I LOVE my vintage navy leather chain handle purse.  It was a fun outfit to wear and adding the hot pink and white cardigan made it more fun and springy I think.

Well... enough of the fun stuff... Back to work...

what I wore:
Thrifted J.Crew skirt and purse.  Flats from Payless.  Necklace and ring from F21.  Tank from H&M.  Cardigan from the BX.



  1. Nice outfit!
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  2. Your robot necklace is adorable!!!! Me loves :)

  3. Ah, a skirt with pockets is a treasure indeed, and when it's $5 thrifted, it's gold! Your blue watch really caught my eye. I like how they've been making classic bracelet watches in crazy colors. Yours is fab!

  4. I love that skirt!!!! So super cute!


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