Friday, April 22, 2011

Citrus, Solids, wardobe revamp

I am in a style rut right now.  Indecisive and uncomfortable.  In between spring and summer temps.  I am wanting to dress cute and be creative, but everything just seems too hard or doesn't feel right.  I also realize that I am majorly lacking in the summer-wear department.  I have some dresses, a few skirts and a few shorts I like, but none of it really goes together.  I guess that's what has happened since I culled my wardrobe of all things that I don't fit and do not wear anymore.

I am excited to go back to California and get some shopping in, but I really want to have a plan and get some things that I will really love and really use.  I don't want to waste money and start building up a wardrobe I am not so comfortable in again.  I have been investing in things that I really love and am comfortable wearing frequently, like my Longchamp bags and my tailored thrifted pieces. 

I am a mom and I spend most of my day running errands, cooking, cleaning and playing.  I must be comfortable.  Dresses are always a go-to for me, but I really love the versatility of separates... particularly skirts and comfortable, cute tops.  

I have always been someone that loves color, but I am realizing I am much more comfortable with solids rather than patterns.  The only patterns I really stick to are bold stripes.  Florals were a kick for me last year, but haven't really stuck around.  I can't help feeling juvenile if I wear a floral skirt or top.  I love floral dresses though.   

Should I focus on building up some nice solids and neutral pieces or still go for some print or pattern?

If anything maybe I can try something tribal or get a really cool simple leopard print top that I can work into different looks.

I really liked these from F21.

Another thing that I am realizing is that I have my favorite things and I need to stick with things that accent...
I LOVE cobalt blue and cognac leather and basically anything black.  THOSE are my staple favorite... motifs or whatever you would call it.  What goes with those?  I like greens, from mint to olive to emerald... and all of those shades look good with black or cognac.  Citrus hues are catching my eye, which also look good with cobalt and cognac.  All of which compliment my skin tone and hair color.  I have about three items that are citrus and under normal circumstances I would say I HATE the color orange.  When I think of orange I think of...
 Home Depot... I used to work there and was never fond of that apron.
... and Hooters... everyone's favorite delightfully tacky chicken wing stop...
Or to the other extreme...
Hermes... the brand from which I will likely never be able to afford a single item, so out of spite and complete jealous admiration I scorn the famous orange.

However...  seeing all the citrus fun coming from Stella McCartney's S/S 2011 RTW collection I love how a little sunshiney splash of yellow, orange and chartreusey greens can make an outfit fun and chic.  Chiara of The Blonde Salad is my fashion icon of the year so far and she has been bringing orange and cobalt accents and pieces into her wardrobe perfectly!  She has my dream wardrobe!  I need to build my own.  I have my few fave cobalt blue pieces and my citrus yellow Longchamp.  My mums is awesome and already scored me some cognac flats.  I found my solid black flatform sandals. 

What do I need?  Maybe a fun orange skirt and slouchy top and maybe a dress.  Just a couple items in orange.  I think a nude colored skirt would also be a good investment to go with the blue, black and citrus colors I love.  I love the balance of a neutral with a bright color... again, something I made a note of in seeing Chiara's looks. 

So I guess never say never!  I think a couple  of years ago I had a vendetta against purple and I wound up with purple dresses, tops, etc.  Fashion is a crazy fun and changing thing, but I want my style to last throughout the seasons.

Anyways... I hope upon my return to California in less than 3 weeks, whoever goes shopping with me can help me out with this mission (Mums, are you reading?!)



  1. I have the same thing with summer fashion. I find it quite easy to make F/W clothes appear more expensive by styling them, but S/S garments look much simpler and cheaper because you can't layer quite as much. Oh well, we'll get by!

  2. I'd buy mostly solids since that's what you seem most comfortable in, but maybe pick up a patterned scarf that could accent solids, and a cheapish patterned top to try on for size, before you invest!


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