Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dreaming a Wednesday...

So no regular outfit post today (unless you want a pic of me in a gray slouchy dress and gray folded over Uggs)... nope!
Today was a busy day of giving myself a blowout... eating organic tomato soup garnished with parm and french fried onions... watching old episodes of Project Runway, doing my nails, playing with Avii... and working on the mountain of homework due this week... Avii and I made bean and cheese tostadas for dinner... YUM!

I found the Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream ads and found them to be the most beautiful photos!  I wish I could have every one of them framed and hanging in my home!  Annie Leibovitz is beyond amazing... I don't even need to go there about her... but these photos are so precious and perfect down to every detail and casting!  Disney has been a huge part of my life and still is!  I watch a Disney movie almost every day... I still look up the old Silly Symphony Disney cartoons with my daughter... and we are just overall STOKED to go to Disneyland NEXT MONTH!!! YAY!!!
Queen Latifah

Giselle Bundchen as Wendy and Tina Fey as Tinkerbell

Julianne Moore and Michael Phelps

Julie Andrews as the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and Abigail Breslin as her apprentice

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron in Sleeping Beauty

Jennifer Lopez as Jasmine and Marc Anthony as Aladdin

Roger Federer as King Arthur

It's so hard to choose a favorite.  I think the Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of mine.  Casting Jeff Bridges as the loving Beast is genious.  Penelope Cruz is such a beauty as Belle.  I am a huge lover of the most evil villains!  Queen Latifah as Ursula was perfect... Ursula has always been my favorite villianess... The Snow White evil Queen with Alec Baldwin as the Mirror and Olivia Wilde as the Queen is another one of my faves! 

Which one is yours?!

Queen VII


  1. I am really liking the sleeping beauty one but yes totally agree Latifah is great as Ursula. I love ursula's song too. I have two kids so we listen to disney sound tracks all the time I know them all by heart now!
    Oh, thank you for the tip on posing with a hat.
    I tried it today with my rain hat and I like it better. Will try it too with a floppy hat next time I wear one.

  2. these are all so wonderful!
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    and come visit COSMICaroline to see the ongoing, 4-part, in-depth look at Nashville Fashion Week!



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