Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy bEarthday Jennie!!!!

I wanna give a shout out to my gorgeous amazing friend Jennie!!!  It is her birthday today as well as Earth Day, which is the perfect holiday for her to share her birthday with!  If you know her, you would understand... she is whimsical and wise and witchy, witty and wonderful on so many levels.  She is like the big sister I never had and I love her lots and cannot wait to see her when I get back to California!  Something else particularly awesome is that she is expecting and I can't wait for her baby to get here!!!!

I hope she enjoys her preggo birthday and takes it easy and eats lots of yummy food and hangs out with peeps she loves!!!


Last year for her birthday I sent her a golden gnome...  I feel bad I haven't had the chance to send her anything this birthday, but I am hoping we can get some shopping time in when I get back!  As well as some pre-baby arrival shenanaginz if she is feeling up to it!!  here are a few pics from our past!

The only girl to get me dancing on the bar!

Shenanaginz! Doin' what we shouldn't!

She is so awesome!!!  And since I can't be there to share a birthday dessert, here is one we shared before:
Love you, Jennie!!!!


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