Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love and Flammkuchen

Aaaah, what a weekend start!

Friday started off with a Royal wedding watched live, had a few bumps in the day thanks to some jerky car repairmen, but ended up being great having dinner with friends (enjoying flammkuchen and goulasch suppe for the last time), kicked ass playing Mortal Kombat and Singstar and drinking too much wine!  We'll see how the rest of the weekend goes!

I look for any reason to dress up and knowing there was so much love and adoration in the air I thought I would get a little fancy pants for myself and whoever else happens to see!




Accessories were particularly carefully chosen.



I chose all things that made me think of love and royalty and church!  The pearls, diamonds, crosses, flowers, the crown and key and lock and of course hearts.  I also wore the sparkly diamondy flower ring I wore to my own  brother's wedding!


Love conquers all!  And I truly believe in stressful and sad times, sometimes love is all you got to get you through.  I am sad for all of the suffering going on in the midwest with the tornados destroying so many lives and so much property, but things can be replaced.  Seeing the love and romance of the royal wedding was really cheerful and romantic and I think it made a lot of people happy, including myself!

Here are some pics from dinner and afterward!

 On of our favorite Palatinate regional restaurants!
Flammkuchen (flame cake) with creme fraische (sp?!), cheeses, wild garlic, bacon, onions and herbs.  I enjoyed a small glass of rieslingschorle with it... sparkling water with white wine.  Perfect dinner!

 My little monster and her best bud!

Can you guess what they are singing?!  Avii has her "paws up"!

What's in store for the rest of the weekend?  Praying with all my might that we sell our car, taking down more picture frames, coloring my hair getting ready for my cut on Monday! 

What I wore:
Thrifted silk blouse.  Thrifted suede shorts that I DIY'd from a pair of pants. Tights from F21.  Accessories from F21, Love Culture, Kohl's, Fossil watch.  Espadrilles saved from my mom's donation pile!



  1. loooove this outfit! the pastels are beautiful, the espadrilles are awesome and the tights are so cool! I watched the royal wedding too, just couldn't resist :)

  2. waw! lovely top with the ruffles and your jewels looks so pretty x

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