Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ostern Wochenende!

Our last Easter Weekend in Germany, and honestly it's been one of the most fun and hectic!  We did not make it a very religious holiday this year... I think Avii is kind of small to really understand and she has been so so so sensitive lately and having nightmares, I kind of did not want to saturate her dramatic mind with the whole concept of the Passion of the Christ... not that I wouldn't have edited, I just didn't know how.  We also did not go see the Easter Bunny this year either so I guess we didn't overly approach that angle either.

We DID dip a lot of eggs, had 2 eggs hunts and 2 great Easter meals - one at a friend's home and one at the fire station... we also have enough plastic eggs and candy around here to put a diabetic hippo into a coma! 
Here are some highlights of the weekend:

sugary sweet kiss!

Like in "Tangled"

poor baby took a fall and scraped her little arm!

but she is a tough one and keeps on going!
I really loved both of my easter outfits but was kind of wrapped up in things and didn't get outfit pics, so I'll just wear them again sometime soon!  The first one was a cute lacey dusty rose colored paneled top that I wore with black.  My second outfit is my new fave color combo: red, white and the cognac leather!!!  love it! not original at all though... got it from What Would a Nerd Wear!  She has some great ideas about mixing staple colors... she has done some awesome outfits with yellow and gray and gray and reds... really fun and different.

Anyways... it was a great weekend and went by so fast!  What it really means though?  "After Easter, we go to California!"  We have been counting down since Christmas!!! New Years, Valentine's, Daddy's birthday, St. Patrick's day, Easter, theeeeen....

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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