Monday, April 11, 2011

Repel the Pastel

How about this for out of the comfort zone:

I am much more comfortable being dressed like a beach ball... bright colors and/or black are my happy and safe zone... load on the black eyeliner and I am good to go.

I decided to change things up today.  The weather was glorious. I wanted to be comfortable for all the errands I was going to be running...  So why not wear soft flowy layers in man-repelling proportions?  Why not go light on the makeup for once?  It's not that I am against pastels... I just don't think they are particularly for me... Avii was so sweet and said I looked beautiful, so that made me happy.

I finally got to use the beautiful H&M rosette clutch my mums sent me!  I love it.  I love the pale pink color as an accent.  I think I just went overboard with it today... but maybe I am just overthinking everything.  Maybe I didn't look like a big cotton candy fluff.
I was comfortable, girlie with all my pearls... 
I did accomplish the comfort factor.
I did get re-inspired to play with my fashion choices...
These are all of my own clothes so I must like them for a reason...

What I wore:
Sparkle-embellished vast thingy from the BX sale rack. Sheer H&M tank. Silver skirt from Target. Flats from New Look. H&M rosette clutch.  Accessories from F21, Fossil watch... 

Wanna be really awkward and repellent?  Take an uber-close picture of your face!
Too much America's next top model... trying to "smize" like an idiot.

Happy Monday everyone!  Try to step outside of your comfort zone this week and see how you feel about it!



  1. you have beautiful eyes and I absolutely love these pastels on you!! you look stunningly springy <3

  2. Wow! You look gorgeous! Give a plus size girl some fashion ideas cousin! Love you

  3.!These pictures are amazing!Love your outfit!You look very beautiful!Have a wonderful weekend!xoxo


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