Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whiney Wednesday

Ooooh, heavens...
I have a head cold... and I am so irritated, although I should have seen it coming.  I look out the window and see all sorts of floaty muck glowing in the sunshine. 
I am nearly done with school and I will be on a month-long break to allow for the move and travel and whatnot.  THREE weeks people!  Three weeks is all I got left... and I will be sick for probably at least one.

I want to be inspired to dress cute and fun, but I am really in a slump.  Not feeling good and not feeling inspired... or maybe I am over-inspired by all of the great looks that I am seeing in the blogosphere.  I am in limbo... or I am just wanting to be comfortable... I need to figure something out though.

Anyhooo... My blog's one year anniversary is coming up and I am not so sure what I should do!  How does one celebrate a bloggaversary?!  As a gift to myself I ordered some flatform sandals!  I don't know... I want to make it interesting.

I am going to get back to my water and medicine now...
Until then, I thought I would post my top 5 celeb crushes... you know you have your own "list"!  Here are my men in order:
Johnny Depp, of course!
Gerard Butler
Alexander Skarsgard
Ed Westwick
James McAvoy
aaaand my girl crushes for the moment:
Christina Hendricks

Scarlett Johansson
As you can probably see... I like very manly men and very girlie girls! hahaha!
I am going to go clean up and play dress up in my huge closet while I still can... some inspirations on my mind:

Black, brassy gold and neon,
green and nude,
Cobalt and orange,
cobalt and olive,
cobalt and pink...
I think you see where I am going with this...


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