Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Days: Floh Markt

I am so stressed and worn out but I am still trying to make the most of my last days here in Germany...
Last Saturday we made a point to go to our last Floh Markt to get some "souvenirs" from our host country.  In the last 3 years we have not gotten some German "essentials" such as a bier stein! Hello! Can't leave Germany without one.  I have even sent some out as gifts to family and friends. 
The BX on post has some German souvenirs and lots of steins, but I really wanted to find a stein that was interesting and unique to me and Jorden.  LUCKILY we found 2!  We found a small one from Munchen with the pewter top on it and we found one without a lid.  Unfortunately I was unable to get photos of them before they got packed up, but they are so awesome and it was nice not to have to spend 80 euros each.

We love going to the markts and just seeing so much old stuff and originally I was not planning on buying any more clothing, but when I find items in cobalt, curry yellow and black mesh with mother-of-pearl buttons, all for 5,50 euros... kinda hard to resist!  Vintage clothing is definitely my type of "souvenir!"

jorden and avii diggin around

bright blue? fits me? Ja!

I kind of stole my outfit idea from my bestie Rebecca.  She wore a skirt like this in navy with a white top. I had green and black and went with that!

What I wore:
F21 top and skirt. Thrifted loafers. Longchamp bag.

I am so tired, but have loads more to do. I will try to squeeze in a couple more posts before I leave!



  1. We are doing some floh Markts while in Berlin.

  2. I love your shopping outfit. Those green bottoms are super cool.


  3. You look adorable, how do you say that in German?


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