Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first blogger award!

I was super stoked and utterly flattered by the nomination and words of Ashley from Style Current.  She said the sweetest things and seems so genuine.  Her love of fashion on a budget, thrifting pieces and making them your own, and her Style Rules combined with seeing all of her beautiful photos always have me coming back to read more!  I think her and I are distant thrifting soul mates for sure. (Thank you again, Ashley!).  This is my first blogger award and I am so excited! (I love that it even matches my blog layout too!!!)

So, as a side dish to the award, here are 7 things you may not know about me:

1.  (to coincide a little with Ashley's #1) My favorite flower is the gerbera daisy.  There is no other flower that looks as happy and fun and I love them in every color.  They were my wedding flower in fall colors of orange, rust red and golden yellow.

2.  I could be a professional couch potato.  I love reading and could do it all day, but I am almost ashamed to admit I could watch movies and tv shows alllll day long.  I do it eating, folding laundry, etc.  My fave shows are super girly ones like Gossip Girl and ANTM, the dramatic ones like Mad Men and Big Love,  and some sexy fantasy romance like True Blood!

3.  I am a Twilight Saga fan!  I love all the movies, I have read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn twice and am reading Twilight for the second time right now.  Avii loves them too.  We are team Edward all the way!!!

4.  I collect antique and old edition books.  Some of my favorite prized ones are my first edition Count of Monte Cristo and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  Maybe I will photograph my little library some day and write about it.

5.  I have always been a writer.  The first story I wrote was in my diary when I was in 4th grade.  It was a romance and I have always enjoyed writing romantic stories ever since, though I am very shy about letting anyone read them.

6.  My all time favorite food is Greek food.  Turkish food here in Germany is abundant and as close as I get but I love to indulge in the delish gyro meat and some cucumber sauce.  I am definitely a girl that prefers savory over sweet any time!

7.  I NEED to learn how to sew.  I love thrifting so much and I am kind of neurotic about my clothes and have become so much more picky about fit. I think being able to make my own adjustments will be a wonderful thing! (and make my husband happy that he doesn't have to pay for alterations all the time!)

So here are my nominations for this award; people I know, want to know and kind of feel like I know:

Mrs. Howard over at The Howard Bunch.  She is one of my best friend's sisters and so I know her and I adore her and her family and I love her blog posts about her life, her family and being a mom and a teacher and being pregnant with twins!  She is so honest and every post she writes is so endearing and well thought out.  I am always looking forward to reading her posts!

lonsac I must send some love to!  I love her blog and I love that she is a blogger from my hometown of Sacramento, California.  Her love of hats and vintage and art is wonderful and I hope to meet up and hang out with her in the near future!

The Styling Dutchman.  One of my favorite bloggers and one of increasing notice.  She is a student, a blogger, a fashion icon all on her own and a thrifty one at that.  We both share a crazy love for Mad Men, food, movies and Alexa Chung so I know her and I would totally be buds if not so distant!  Her love of vintage and thrifting is awesome and her outfits are so unique and inspiring.  On top of it all, even though she lives in Antwerp, Belgium (one of the favorite places I was able to visit) she is Dutch to the core and I love everything about Holland.  I will miss it for sure!

SO there are my nominations and thanks again to Ashley at Style Current!  You need to check out and follow her for sure!



  1. aaaaaaah your words touch my cold, frozen heart <3 you are the best! even if you love those HORRIBLE twilight movies :D

  2. You are totally welcome, and yes, we are long lost thrift sisters!

    My granny used to grow gerbera daisies, and whenever they bloomed I'd cut them and arrange them in vases around her house. A very happy flower indeed!

    So glad to find out all these fun facts about you. =)

  3. I just saw this! Somehow I missed your comment before!! THANK YOU! =)


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