Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outfit: Cause love RVCA & TOMS Deseret Industries

So pulling a double posting tonight! I got lots of catching up to do.
I thought I would pop in a outfit post here as I am wearing an outfit that I am gaga over!  Yep... Vanessa does wear jeans and tees and funny flats!

Having my morning cafe au lait in my new Jack mug from Disneyland! with Roxy.

I was able to finally get my glitter TOMS!!!  support the cause and buy a pair! one for one people!  Remember I did the day without shoes?  It was an experience for sure and I had been waiting to buy a pair in person so I could try them on (my feet are odd sometimes), and my mom was awesome and purchased them for me!  She rocks and she herself has 2 pairs now!

I have also been a major lover of RVCA and have been wearing their brand since I was 17 years old.  RVCA (pronounced roo-kuh in case you didn't know) Artist Network Progam (ANP) is an awesome organization that supports artists.  I really like their mission statement:

"The RVCA Artist Network Program, commonly referred to as the ANP, is an ongoing program which aims to showcase the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who inspire our generation and push the boundaries of creativity; providing something of substance and culture."

"To RVCA, an artist is not someone who just paints a picture, or writes a song, but someone who is dedicated to sharing with the world their life, emotions and soul through innovative and creative ideas. RVCA and the ANP were developed to shake the very foundations of the business, by giving back to the artists and providing a voice for their creative growth."

I really have just always appreciated the fact that they support artists of all types and have been prevalent in the skate and surf community, which I have been involved in for a long time and hope to always be a part of.  I remember when they were only a tee and hat company that moved onto accessories and now higher end and more fashionable pieces for both men and women.  Their fabrics always feel amazing and last a long time.  If you ever get a chance to purchase RVCA pieces I recommend them!  Plus you will be supporting the ANP (and I know there are a LOT of you artists out there)!

I have to talk about my awesome day and why this outfit worked out well for me! First off, had our first day house hunting! Saw a few things we liked, but nothing overly amazing.  This outfit was comfortable and I felt confident in it.  It's good to be comfortable, but also look like you are not a broke joke when you are about to try to convince someone that you are able to spend upwards of 200 grand on a house... mix the pricey with the cheapy!

Also... I supported another cause today! That's 3 for me! Woohoo!!!
Thrift shopping extravaganza today at Deseret Industries with my bestie Miss Ktk... it was her first really good time thrifting and we scored!  Deseret Industries is a nonprofit, vocational rehabilitation facility and a thrift store that has about 46 stores in 7 western states.  They are supported by the Latter Day Saints Church.  I have to say it is the most organized and cheapest thrift store I have been to in a looong time.  The racks were organized and well labeled. Prices were great.  They also sell housewares and furniture and tons of books... I got some stylin goodies to show off soon!

So there you have it! My day rocked, my outfit was the shiz, I supported 3 causes in one day! now let'd leave it at that!!!  Good night peeps!

What I wore:
RVCA tee shirt. Thrifted blazer. F21 jeans. Glitter TOMS. Sunnies from Ebay. Guess earrings c/o Miss Ktk



  1. Welcome back to Sac! Good thrifting is our town's most redeeming quality, I'm glad you were able to partake!

  2. You look fantastic! Chic and Adorably Philantrophic ! Did I just make up that word or misspell it? LOL.
    Welcome back to Sac, Vanessa. I can hardly wait to me you in the REAL LIFE!

    PS: good luck on the house hunting.
    PPS: think about Curtis Park.

  3. Your hair looks fantastic, and those sunglasses are so you! Great look!


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