Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Outfit: play clothes

Do you ever find a piece of clothing and although you can’t really change it up too much you know you will love it and do so much with it? Like play at the park. Go shopping downtown. Get your hair cut and styled. Have an impromtu photoshoot. This skirt is it! I thrifted it in the large section and thought the colors on it for being a tribal print were a little odd, but the length was great, the waist wasn’t super tight and it had pockets! I feel like I can only wear it with black or white tops but honestly I don’t care… I can switch up the shoes and style of tops and accessories. Best $3 I have spent in a whiiiile!

 PS... What do you think of the new hair? I went a bit shorter... feeling a more 20's style cut!

What I wore:
Black tee, bought downtown for 3 euros.  Vintage skirt, $3. F21 Gladiator sandals and accessories.



  1. Great skirt! You could wear nude, olive green or grey with it as well. Or maybe red!

  2. I love the outfit, but am digging your hair so much I can barely focus. Cute!
    the Citizen Rosebud


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