Monday, May 16, 2011

We made it!!!

Why am I up all bright and chipper on this gloomy Monday morning?  Oh, because I am in California! Sorry I have been away for a few days.  We have been going non stop.  Mostly shopping of course, and eating.  Shopping and eating and talking. 
I am so glad to be back in my hometown living in my old house for a while thanks to the courtesy of my parents.  We had a looooong journey...  traveling for over 30 hours was just great, but we made it and we are here by the grace of God and Goodness.
I have not gotten to see all of my friends or family yet, but I have seen my Mima, Keara and Ktk!  And I hope to start seeing a lot more.  We gotta run some errands today and I am not particularly excited because I know I am going to be tired.  I think the time difference is starting to get to me.  There are times of day I feel I should be sleeping and times like right now where I cannot sleep at all.  Oh well... I will adjust eventually.

Here are a few pics I have taken since leaving... I have not done any outfit pics yet, although I have wanted to.  I will start getting back into routine soon enough!  In shopping I have some great new things to style and share!  But outfit posting has been the least of my excitement these past few days.  Bringing Jorden back into California after 3 YEARS of being gone has been amazing!

One of the saddest days EVER... definitely bittersweet saying farewell to such amazing friends... 

Best family, best friends... simple as that.

Living in the Thurgood Marshall Observation Deck for a night!

Looking on the dawn of the day we will be in California again

Stay tuned for our new adventures in California!!!!!!


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