Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Wishlist: MK bag

Between my family and friends there are a LOT of birthdays between June and August... Including my own!

I am like a total little kid when it comes to birthdays... I love presents and cake and parties... it should be one's most celebrated holiday of the year!

My birthday is in a few weeks and I honestly do not have too much planned... I am hoping to have a tea party with my friends and fam.
Last year I got super spoiled... I got Uggs, Chuck Taylors, a load from F21, a trip to Munich and Legoland, and a birthday dinner and party.  This year I think will be more mellow considering we are about to buy a house!  And I am more than OK with that.
What is on my wishlist though (i always have a wishlist!)?  A dress for my tea party, some French macarons if they can be found... aaaaaand maybe:  A Michael Kors bag!!! 

So I have two options that I am considering:

The Hamilton Tote
The Edie Tote
Both supple black leather. Both have gold hardware. Both have top handles as well as a should strap.  Both are large enough to carry my daily goods as well as my camera that I tote around most days.  Both look expensive and are extremely well made. 

Pros for the Hamilton are that it is classic, elegant, timeless, clean cut.  It can be worn with a dressy outfit as well as glam up jeans and a tee.  It makes me think of the Hermes Birkin or the Chanel flap bag, in the sense that it is the MK signature bag.  It is on the larger side though and it is a little heavy..

Pros for the Edie are that it is comfortable, a little more edgy, which I think my style is a little edgier at times.  It is a bag that just looks good and feels good to carry.  The price point is higher probably because of the additional hardware and buckles which makes it worth more I would think.

This is a pretty major purchase for me.  It will definitely be the most expensive bag I will own probably for a looong time.  I wrote a blog not too long ago about wanting a staple, classic, black leather purse that I can mix into my wardrobe.  I am trying to not be so frivolous in my shopping and I have been slacking on my "get-chic" mission being able to hit up a real mall and all the great discount stores and thrift stores.  I have been getting some great staple pieces as well though.  But I am trying to get back on track! And I think a gorgeous, quality, luxury piece like one of these would be an amazing birthday gift!

I am getting off track. 
Which do you think I should ask my husband to buy me?
And where do you think I can find an awesome tea party dress?!


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