Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lake Tahoe last weekend

Hello my darlings...
Has it really been almost 4 whole days without a post?
I am a terrible blogger...
Been having fun, mixed with work, mixed with boringish outfits, mixed with revamping my look a little bit.

My brother was in town, and for his birthday we went up to Lake Tahoe's Northstar resort and North shore to have some fun.  I didn't snap my usual zillion pics... instead I let my Aveline take a turn with the point-and-shoot and photograph some of the beautiful scenery that is up there...

Here is my beautiful girl, and the world through her lens for a few minutes;

Auntie Jillian's purse

pretty water

awesome rocks

my shoes

giant ant

cool steps

the flowers

the sky

the truck

Here are a few pics from me!

It was a happy birthday for my brother and for all of us to enjoy such a beautiful day in a beautiful place.

We ate somewhere that GUY FIERI ate at, and gave his stamp of approval!!!! OMG nomnomnomnom!!!  he did an episode of DD&D there and it was amazing... we are going back... it's a burger place in Truckee called Burger Me!

I didn't get any pics of my delish burger beeeecaaaause...
I stuffed it all in my facehole where it belonged! WHAAAAAMP!!!

I will update more soon... there was a lot going on and more stuff a'comin' up!



  1. Thank you ever so much for dropping by my blog!

    And this day look like such a perfect, summer trip. I bet your brother just loved it! :D

  2. I love that picture with the three of you sitting on those ice-cream cones. Had the same nom-nom super fast relationship with a burguer today...I'm not ashamed to say it took me less than 4 minutes to eat it all... a good burguer requires no time-wasting :P


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